There are many ways to reach Cartagena.

So, to help you out, we have added some information for the

destinations from which the largest number of people will be traveling.


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London to Cartagena


Avianca, the Colombian national airline,

has a direct flight from London to Bogota. You can then fly from

Bogota to Cartagena, which is only an hour away.


If you choose this option, please note the flight leaves London

in the afternoon and arrives in Bogota the next morning.



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New York to Cartagena


Jet Blue flies direct from New York to Cartagena on certain days of the week.


For more economical options, or if looking to fly on a day when there is no direct flight,

New Yorkers can consider flying via Panama City with CopaAir, or Miami with Avianca;

both cities have direct flights to and from Cartagena.



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Bogota to Cartagena


There are plenty of options for those coming from Bogota.

We recommend you check out Avianca, the national airline,

for information on flights to and from Bogota.


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